1. The person who uses the services of a Mountain Hiking Guide in this claim has to pay the fee specified in this price list. The rates in this directory are non negotiable unless specified by the guide.

2. The daily rate for a mountain hiking guide is EURO 255. Prices per person will be reduced with additional participants/group as provided in website. Transportation and rented items are not included in this fee.

3. The use of a secondary mountain hiking guide may be necessary for safety reasons. This includes equal pay for the second guide. Consultation with the guest / guests will be made aware before proceeding with a second hiking guide.

4. All additional costs: Travel, hut accommodations, food, drinks and mountain rescue insurance are paid by the guest.

5. All travel expenses (train, car, cable car, etc.) and expenses for accommodation shall be paid by the guest.

6. If the tour is extensively modified, at the request of the guest, then the rate of the excursion will be increased at the discretion of the guide.

7. If the service is canceled before 6 days prior to the agreed date by the guest, the mountain guide is entitled to charge 25 euros for administrative fees. If the mountain hike guide is unable to provide service, then a full reimbursement will be taken into action.

8. All participants will be sent a list of mandatory backpack items, which must be carried in the backpack or worn at all times. Your mountain hiking guide has the right to check these items before the hike commences.

9. The mountain hiking guide has the right to cancel the service, if the participants do not hold up to the agreements above. A reimbursement will not be produced, if the agreement is not upheld.

10. For your safety: Please ask to view your Mountain Hiking Guide's official ID and pin before beginning your trip.